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2013 Little League World Series Schedule: TV & Live Stream Games

Fans will able to watch 2013 Little League World Series games live online or on TV in the coming days and weeks. That’s right, baseball isn’t just for the professionals, but also for the younger stars. Thanks to ESPN and ABC, most of the upcoming tournament games in the LLWS will be shown on TV and online. So will the United States or a foreign competitor prevail in this year’s series? Let’s check out the LLWS 2013 schedule for TV, live stream and who may be favored to win!

The 2013 Little League World Series will commence on August 15, 2013 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. A lot of people are eager to watch the live games since this is an international competition to be participated by 8 teams from the United States and 8 teams from other countries. Countries such as Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Japan, Panama and Mexico will compete in the 67th edition of Little League World Series. It can be remembered that last year, Japan won over Tennessee in the final round with score 12-2.

This year’s tournament already has some early favorites to look out for.  While there are no Las Vegas odds on the LLWS, some offshore sportsbooks lay odds on the final four to six teams. Early favorites include Musashi Fuchu, Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores and Municipal De Tijuana.

Where to Watch Little League World Series

Watching a live baseball competition can be really fun and exciting. You can purchase tickets and watch it with your family and friends live at the venue, or for those who will not be able to buy tickets and prefer to watch comfortably at home, there are various ways for you to watch the action. Check StubHub here for latest tickets.

Watch 2013 LLWS Live Stream Games

You can either watch the baseball games live via ESPN/ABC or you can watch the game online via live stream. Before you look for websites where you can watch the games, it helps if you check for valid sites. For example, at WatchESPN you know you will be using a legal and legitimate live streaming sports site to watch all the action.  Check out WatchESPN here.

Watch the 2013 LLWS Games on TV

For those who want to watch the games live on television, ESPN provides the live coverage of the competition starting on August 15, 2013. The first two days of the competition are allotted for double elimination games. The games are scheduled at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. For the first game, Latin America will compete vs. Caribbean, followed by Southwest vs. Northwest and lastly Australia vs. Mexico.  ABC will also step in from time to time to showcase a game on their TV network and local affiliate stations

For the second day, Asia Pacific vs. Canada, West vs. Great Lakes, Japan vs. Europe-Africa, Mid-Atlantic vs. Midwest will compete. After the double elimination games, the teams are scheduled to play for the all elimination game which is scheduled on August 17, Saturday.

On Sunday, another set of double elimination games will happen and for the succeeding days, all elimination games until the best two teams make it to the finals on ABC.

The 16 teams will complete and battle for the championship scheduled on August 25, 2013. ESPN and ABC will provide the televised coverage of the games for the final rounds of this tournament.

Here is a look at the teams participating in the 2013 LLWS along with the entire schedule through the finals:

Great Lakes: Grosse Pointe Woods-Shores LL – Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Mid-Atlantic: Newark National LL – Newark, Delaware
Midwest: Urbandale LL – Urbandale, Iowa
New England: Westport LL – Westport, Connecticut
Northwest: Eastlake LL – Sammamish, Washington
Southeast: South Nashville LL – Nashville, Tennessee
Southwest: Universal LL – Corpus Christi, Texas
West: Eastlake LL – Chula Vista, California

Asia-Pacific: Chung-Ping LL – Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei
Australia: Perth Metro Central LL – Perth, Australia
Canada: East Nepean LL – Ottawa, Ontario
Caribbean: Samaritana LL – San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico
Europe & Africa: South Moravia LL – Brno, Czech Republic
Latin America: Aguadulce Cabezera LL – Aguadulce, Panama
Japan: Musashi Fuchu LL – Tokyo, Japan
Mexico: Municipal De Tijuana LL – Tijuana, Baja California

2013 LLWS Schedule

Thursday – August 15, 2013

(1) Latin America – Caribbean 1:00 p.m. EST  ESPN/WatchESPN
(2) Southwest – Northwest 3:00 p.m. EST      ESPN/WatchESPN
(3) Australia – Mexico 5:00 p.m. EST             ESPN2/WatchESPN
(4) Southeast – New England 7:00 p.m. EST    ESPN2/WatchESPN

Friday – August 16, 2013

(5) Asia-Pacific – Canada 1:00 p.m. EST   ESPN/WatchESPN
(6) West – Great Lakes 3:00 p.m. EST        ESPN/WatchESPN
(7) Japan – Europe-Africa 5:00 p.m. EST   ESPN2/WatchESPN
(8) Mid-Atlantic – Midwest 8:00 p.m. EST  ESPN/WatchESPN

Saturday – August 17, 2013

(9) Loser of Game 1 – Loser of Game 3 12:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(10) Loser of Game 2 – Loser of Game 4 3:00 PM ABC
(11) Loser of Game 5 – Loser of Game 7 6:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(12) Loser of Game 6 – Loser of Game 8 8:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN

Sunday – August 18, 2013
(13) Winner of Game 1 – Winner of Game 3 12:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN
(14) Winner of Game 2 – Winner of Game 4 2:00 PM ABC
(15) Winner of Game 6 – Winner of Game 8 5:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(16) Winner of Game 5 – Winner of Game 7 7:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN

Monday – August 19, 2013
(A) Loser of Game 9 – Loser of Game 10 12:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN
(17) Loser of Game 16 – Winner of Game 9 2:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(18) Loser of Game 15 – Winner of Game 10 4:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(19) Loser of Game 13 – Winner of Game 11 6:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN
(20) Loser of Game 14 – Winner of Game 12 8:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN

Tuesday – August 20, 2013
(B) Loser of Game 11 – Loser of Game 12 1:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(21) Winner of Game 17 – Winner of Game 19 4:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(22) Winner of Game 18 – Winner of Game 20 8:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN

Wednesday – August 21, 2013
(23) Winner of Game 13 – Winner of Game 16 4:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(24) Winner of Game 14 – Winner of Game 15 8:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN

Thursday – August 22, 2013
(25) Winner of Game 21 – Loser of Game 23 4:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN
(26) Winner of Game 22 – Loser of Game 24 8:00 PM ESPN2/WatchESPN

Championship Games:

Saturday – August 24, 2013
(27) International Championship 12:30 PM ABC
(28) United States Championship 3:30 PM ABC

Sunday – August 25, 2013
(29) Third Place Game 11:00 AM ESPN
(30) World Series Championship 3:00 PM ABC

The games from Saturday, Aug. 17th through the 25th have not been determined yet. They will be determined as the tourney moves forward.  More information can be seen online at the official Little League World Series site.

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