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NFL Playoffs Schedule 2013: AFC & NFC Division Games

The NFL Playoffs of 2013 are still going on, for all those football fans who didn’t notice!  Fans will watch four more live NFL games on television Saturday and Sunday as the Broncos, 49ers, Falcons and Patriots will all host games on their home turfs.  The winning teams move on to next weekend’s AFC and NFC Championship games, with the winners of those two games meeting in Super Bowl 47!  Let’s dive right into this week’s AFC and NFC Division games along with the schedules and odds!

AFC & NFC Division Games

Right now, we ‘re just a few days before the best events in NFL history finally transpire—particularly for the AFC Division Games and the NFC Division Games. Eight teams remain in search of a chance to win Super Bowl XLVII. For the latest NFC games, Green Bay Packers are taking on the 49ers of San Francisco, while Atlanta Falcons would be competing with the Seahawks of Seattle. On the other side—the AFC games—Houston Texans will compete with the New England Patriots, while the Denver Broncos are set to host a bout against the Baltimore Ravens.

Speculations for the NFL Playoffs

Right now, you probably have your bets on the teams that will win already. But no so fast; you may want to get some hints from professional speculations that have come out lately. On the Ravens versus the Patriots for very obvious reasons—one being Peyton Manning’s consistent participation in the team. He was voted as MVP for 2012-2013. If he’d be voted once more for the spot, it will be the 5th time in NFL history.

While the Falcons have won 5 matches already, the anticipated outcome for their bout against the Seahawks remains unclear due to the fact that … they haven’t really won even a single playoff yet.

For the Texans versus the Patriots, the latter team is expected to win once more given the score of the last game they had together garnered an astonishing 42-14. Basically, they demolished the Texans—a true blowout in football scoring and a statement game.

Amazingly enough, Candlestick Park for the 49ers has made quite a few distinct improvements on a physical aspects—more ripped muscles and increased agility according to sports analysts. Well, they have usually been winning against the Packers—so the more reason for them to make the team trudge while coveting for a good score—or a winning one, that is.

Divisional Game Schedules

If you want to watch NFL playoffs, the divisional games will be this Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 12 and Jan. 13.

Saturday’s games will start with the Broncos against the Ravens and it will be aired 4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Fox. The Packers versus 49ers will start at 8 PM EST.

On Sunday, the Texans versus the Patriots will start at 4:30 PM EST—it will be aired on CBS while the Falcons versus the Hawks will start at 8 PM EST through Fox.

Latest NFL Playoff Game Odds:

Latest Odds: Broncos -9, Over/Under 45
Latest Odds: 49ers -3, Over/Under 45
Latest Odds: Falcons -3, Over/Under 46
Latest Odds: Patriots -9 1/2, Over/Under 48 1/2

Thanks God it’s not just the weekend, but also the NFL Playoffs 2013! You better get your popcorn, snacks and sodas ready, gather with the family or your entire gang of football fanatics and start betting up for the teams that you favor. It all leads to Super Bowl 47 which seems to be just around the corner!

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